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Session 10 Response to Prompts

1. Identify five key concepts or themes related to eLearning Design and Development and explain what you know about each. I want to focus this entry on five key concepts that I feel I’ve learned the most about over the

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Session 9 Response to Prompts

1. Define the terms “Game” and “Simulation” as they relate to eLearning. According to Horton (2011), the two terms can be used almost interchangeably, and are defined as interactions that allow a learner to practice tasks, apply knowledge, and infer

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Session 8 Response To Prompts

1. List the two levels of testing as outlined in the presentation and discuss each one in turn. Then describe the types of testing activities for each level of testing. Testing for Media Fidelity Testing for Effectiveness of Media Delivery

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Session 7 Response to Prompts

1. Why is media selection important in e-Learning? Without an instructor presenting the material, as is done in a traditional classroom, the media takes the place of the instructor. This is particularly important in light of research done by R.

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Session 6 Response to Prompts

1. Describe an “Absorb” type activity for one of the objectives in the course plan your team developed. The most obvious “Absorb” type activities are the lectures that Professor Hunziker would like to record.  If we take each lecture as

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Session 5 Response to Prompts

1) Discuss your role in the group project This week, I’m going to post a video for you!  Sit back and relax for a minute!  (Or nine…) 541 Group Project. Team projects are always a massive undertaking.  Even if you

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Session 4 Response to Prompts

Each individual member of the team will make a blog post this week discussing their role in the group project and their thoughts on the instructional design process. 1. My Role I like this graphic of teamwork.  To me, it

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