Session 1 Introduction

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I am the Web Applications Manager for the The Crosby Group LLC (Tulsa, OK), where I manage a team of four software developers and personally create a variety of software products (e-learning courses, Android and iOS apps, web applications and desktop software).  I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Grinnell College, IA, and have been developing software professionally for 19 years.

I am pursuing my Masters in Instructional Technology for a dual purpose: I intend to use the acquired skills to make our company’s e-learning courses and synchronous training courses more effective and engaging, and I also intend to pursue a university-level teaching position within the next 15 years, which I hope will provide an opportunity for my young children to acquire an education without the burden of student loans.  I have a 2 1/2-year old son, and a 1-year old daughter.

I have extensive experience in video editing (Avid, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle, Sony Vegas, GoldWave), multimedia tools (Flash CS3, Articulate Storyline, RapidIntake ProForm, PowerPoint), web development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ActionScript 2.0 & 3.0), databases (Microsoft SQL Server, DB2) and desktop application development (C#, VB.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio).

I have created two sets of e-learning courses for our organization, but was not the main designer.  I hope that this class will strengthen my skills in designing and developing e-Learning courses as well as synchronous training experiences.

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4 comments on “Session 1 Introduction
  1. adetrajones says:

    Hi Mathew,
    Love your intro, that is so awesome that you are already planning for your children education well in advance. I enjoyed reading about the neuroscience aspect of e-learning, you gave great details to back up your theories. Good Job!

    • Michelle Romanek says:

      I, too, enjoyed the link to the neuroscience fusion work. The piece that resonated most strongly with me was the comment about the adaptability of online education content to the needs of the student. I noticed that last semester with Dr. Newberry’s assignments and really appreciate it!

      • As a software engineer, I am deeply interested in how content can be enhanced to adapt to the learner. If you have any links to resources that were referenced in Dr. Newberry’s class that address content adaptability, I’d love to investigate them. Thanks!

    • Thanks! You know what they say, “The best laid plans…” But they also say, “Failing to plan is planning to fail!” I guess we’ll see how it all turns out. In 15 years, the way e-Learning is growing, it might be even harder to obtain a coveted position as a university professor!

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